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Saturday, May 21, 2022

for pumping, power, compressed air...

High End Pumping. Power Generation. Compressed Air. Designed to deliver sustainable power and performance, Volvo Penta are leaders in ultra clean diesel power generation technology. From mining operations deep below the earth to heavy duty quarry and construction equipment. For Oil & Gas and Gold Field exploration. For Civil Construction, Rock Processing and Mobile Crushers. When there is no room for error or failure the choice is Volvo Penta and Don Morton Power & Propulsion.

Made to move with the elements, through grace, respect and ingenuity, Volvo Penta engines provide sustainable industrial power solutions. With a variable the range of power settings, Volvo Penta diesel engines are easy to install and suitable for many different industrial applications. Developed using the shared innovations and technological solutions of the entire Volvo Group, Volvo Penta industrial off-road engines share a common platform. Combined with access to global aftermarket support this translates into operator familiarity with installation layout and service points.

Case Study:

Doosan Bobcat India is a leader in electronic engine driven Portable Compressors. Powered by Volvo Penta, Doosan compressors are used in a range of demanding applications. Key applications include Pipeline Testing, Cable Laying, Abrasive Blasting and Excavator Mounted Drilling. Powered by Volvo Penta D13 and D8 Diesel Engines, Doosan Portable Power PA536 and SHP750 compressors are putting the power of compressed air to work in even the harshest of conditions.

“We are happy to be supplying engines to Doosan Bobcat India,” said Miron Thoms, Vice President and Head of Volvo Penta India. “We were confident that our engines would be successful in air compressor applications and offer added value to the customer. With good fuel efficiency and careful engine management, the introduction of Volvo Penta engines into this market will also contribute to a greener India" while " significant reduction in noise and vibrations will also result in a better work environment.” To read the full story please follows the Volvo Penta website link below.

Volvo Penta Partners with Doosan Bobcat India >

Information contained within the article and rights of use remain the property of Volvo Penta, the Volvo Group, Doosan Bobcat India and Image copyright  Doosan Portable Power India. No matter where in the world your journey takes you, no matter where your operation is – Volvo Penta is never far away.

About Us:

Transparency. Respect. Trust. Don Morton Power & Propulsion is the official Volvo Penta Oceania Sales and Service Centre for South Australia. Don Morton Power & Propulsion is responsible for all Volvo Penta Industrial Off Road and Marine sales and service inquiries for South Australia. For general and civil construction, for mine site dewatering, flood control and power generation. For oil and gas exploration, pumping and compressed air. We are your local industrial off road diesel engine solutions provider. We are Don Morton Power & Propulsion.

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