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Thursday, May 26, 2022

more than a promotional statement...

Where we work. Where we live. Where we shop. Reducing our climate impact is more than just focus on the products we manufacturer. It is about how we handle our valuable resources. How we engage with our employees, customers, business partners and suppliers. It is about how we create strategies that deliver environmental, economical and social equity benefits. About how we package and transport the products we use and provide. About the importance of engaging the support of local business.

The pandemic has changed the global last mile landscape and the way we buy and sell. It has forced the procurement process to be more efficient. It has re-empathised the importance of preventative equipment maintenance. The relevance of local proximity warehouses has increased. Local stores have become stock fulfilment centres. The pandemic has been a catalyst for change. It has forced the world to put words in to practice. It has helped to ensure that sustainability is more than simply a promotional statement.

Never afraid to push the limits and explore new possibilities, at Don Morton Power & Propulsion we are committed to Quality, Safety and strategies that reduce our Carbon Footprint.  Together with Volvo Penta we have our eye firmly on a sustainable future - both on Land and at Sea. To learn more about the ongoing sustainability commitment of Volvo Penta please follow the website link below.

Volvo Penta - Sustainability Journey >

Information contained within the article and rights of use remain the property of Don Morton Power & Propulsion, Volvo Penta, and the Volvo Group. Image copyright Volvo Penta. No matter where in the world your journey takes you, no matter where your operation is – Volvo Penta is never far away.

About Us:

Faster. Cheaper. Greener. We have direct access to all major Australian road, rail and air transportation routes.  Creating value through sustainability, culture and performance, we are the official Volvo Penta Oceania Sales and Service Centre for Marine & Industrial Off Road - SA. We can help you reduce your last-mile carbon footprint. We can help secure maximum availability and uptime of your equipment. Working together towards a better future, on land and at sea, we are here for you, as we have been for over 50 years. We are Don Morton Power & Propulsion.

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