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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy:

Don Morton Marine Pty Ltd ABN 21 133 573 789 is committed to delivery of the best of consumer experience. By entering into a contract for supply with Don Morton Marine Pty Ltd trading as Don Morton Power & Propulsion, from this point forward referred to as DMMPL, you, the Consumer, confirm your mutual consent and understanding of these Terms and subsequently also your agreement to be bound by these Conditions subject to the jurisdiction and laws of the relevant state and federal statutory bodies. To ensure that the interests and rights of both you, the Consumer, and DMMPL are protected in accordance with the laws enforceable in the State of South Australia please familiarise yourself with these Terms when placing a request for the supply of spare parts, engines, boats, trailers, products generically termed major units or other such similar products or associated labour and components.

DMMPL is committed to respecting your privacy and takes all practical and reasonable steps to protect any personal information we may hold against loss, unauthorised access, use, modification or disclosure without prior consent. These steps include the secure storage of electronic files, SSL payment gateway encryption and restricted access to the retrieval of identifying and confidential information. DMMPL may however disclose such information to regulatory bodies, government and law enforcement agencies, when or as required, authorised and permitted by law.

DMMPL only collects information that you personally provide to us. This includes information you provide when making an enquiry, a service booking or during your engagement with social media. Personal information we may hold includes your name, email address, private address, phone number and social media handles. DMMPL only collects Financial Information that you provide directly to us. This includes Credit Card Payment Details, B-Pay CRN Details, Direct Bank Transfer Account Details and PayPal Payment Notifications. At DMMPL you have the option of liaising with us anonymously in situations where it us practicable to do so. This includes situations where you may wish to make a General Enquiry.

DMMPL may collect information about you when you use and access our website. While we do not use browsing information to personally identify a website user, we may use cookies or other similar digital technologies to help track website usage and user preferences. DMMPL handles personal information collected by cookies in the same way that we handle all other personal information as described. You can disable cookies through your internet browser but digital access to our websites may not work as intended for you if you do so.

The DMMPL website contains links to websites owned and operated by third parties both locally and globally. These links are provided for end user convenience. Unless expressly stated otherwise, we have no control over the administration, content and privacy practices of these linked sites. We encourage all end users to familiarise themselves with the policies and principles of any third party website.

At DMMPL you may request access to personal information that we may hold about you. You may also contact us if you have concerns or wish to make a complaint about the way we may have handled your personal information. If you believe that we may have failed to resolve your request satisfactorily, we can provide you with information about the further steps you may take.

DMMPL takes great care to ensure that information on our website is accurate and current. DMMPL cannot guarantee that information on our website is current at all times, nor can we guarantee that information provided is fit for individual purpose without prior consultation except as may otherwise be defined by Australian Consumer Law. Unless otherwise stated, content on our website may not be reproduced without written prior permission from DMMPL.


Unless expressly stated otherwise, DMMPL has no control over the administration, content and privacy practices of third party providers including Volvo Penta Shop which is directly managed by Volvo Penta and the Volvo Group. For this reason DMMPL actively encourages end user familiarity with the privacy policy of all third party providers including an understanding of how they store and use cookies. Whilst any statement relative to website design, statutory regulation and data storage will change from time to time, for the sole purpose of end user convenience and understanding the following statement may assist as explanation about cookies, how they are used and the purpose they serve.

1. What Are Cookies
Cookies are designed to gather visitor statistics and to record information about end user preferences as they navigate a web site. Cookies are designed to improve the use of a web site for you as a visitor. Websites use smart and useful techniques to enhance user-friendliness and to make the site as interesting as possible for each visitor. One of the best known techniques involves cookies.

Cookies can be used by website owners or third parties - like advertisers - who communicate through the website you visit. Cookies are small text files that websites store on users’ computers. The information contained in cookies can also be used to track your surfing on different websites that use the same cookie. Cookies are classified according to duration and who sets them. It is essential for you to be informed about cookies and for what purpose they are used.

2. Cookies and their functionality
Different types of cookies are used for different purposes, some of which are detailed below.

2.1. Session Cookies
A session cookie is temporarily stored in your computer memory while you are surfing a site, for example to keep a track of which language you have chosen. Session cookies are not stored on your computer for a long period of time, but always disappear when you shut down your web browser.

2.2. Persistent Tracker Cookies
A persistent tracker cookie saves a file on your computer for a long time. A persistent tracker cookie has an expiry date. Persistent tracker cookies help websites remember your information and settings when you visit them in the future. A persistent cookie may for example store your login information. This can result in faster and more convenient access. When the expiry date has passed, a persistent tracker cookie is generally automatically deleted when you return to the website that created it.

2.3. First Party Cookies
These are set by the website itself (the same domain as in the browser’s address bar), and can only be read by that site. These cookies are commonly used to store information such as your preferences, for use when you re-visit the site.

2.4. Third Party Cookies
These are set by different domains from the one shown on the browser address bar that is by an organisation other than the website owner. Cookies that, for example, are used to collect information for advertisements and custom content and also for web statistics may be ‘third-party cookies’. As third-party cookies make it possible to generate more comprehensive surveys of user surfing habits, they are deemed to be more sensitive from the perspective of integrity; for this reason, most web browsers allow you to adjust your settings to not accept third-party cookies.

2.5. Flash Cookies
Flash cookies (Local Shared Objects) are pieces of data that websites which use Adobe Flash may store on your computer. Flash cookies are a new way of tracing your movement and storing a lot more information about you than with normal cookies. One major disadvantage of flash cookies is that you can’t locate them in your browser. They are not shown in the list of cookies that you can see when you take a look at the cookies that are currently saved in your web browser. Normal HTTP cookies can’t save more than 4 Kilobyte of data while Flash cookies can save up to 100 Kilobyte. Flash cookies are a technical design similar to cookies. Almost all web browsers have a Flash player that is used to display Flash presentations. One well-known example of Flash presentations is the video player on the YouTube video site. (Flash cookies are not only associated with YouTube, but apply to all websites using Flash cookies.) Flash cookies do not have a time limit. They will stay there until they are deleted.

It is not possible to block or manage Flash cookies in the browser, as they are generally stored in the Global Storage Settings panel of the online Settings Manager at Adobe albeit running locally on your computer. The Website Storage Settings display all Flash cookies that are currently saved on your computer. You can delete flash cookies from individual sites or all at once. It is also possible to increase or decrease the Kilobyte size of all information that is stored on your computer. No Flash Cookies will be saved if you go into Global Storage Settings and disable the option “Allow third-party Flash content to store data on your computer”. If you wish to opt-out of the Flash cookies on a per-site basis you do that on the Settings Manager. By disabling Flash cookies we cannot guarantee that all functions of our web site will function as intended.

3. How to View Cookies
Cookies are generally ordinary text files that can be browsed with most text editor or word processing programs. To restrict or block cookies you do that through the browser settings. You may also be able to adapt your browser settings as such that you will be notified before any cookie is placed. You can likewise adapt the settings as such so that your browser refuses all cookies, or only the third party cookies. Likewise, you can remove any of your cookies that have already been placed. Please note that you will have to separately adapt the settings for each browser and computer you use. Please be aware that if you do not want cookies, a website may not function properly. Refusing cookies does not mean you will no longer see any advertisements. Advertisements will however no longer be tailored to your interests and may repeat more often. Each browser has a different method to adapt the settings. Please refer your browser provider policy for the latest information on the storage and use of cookies.

4. Other
Technological advancement and the use and storage of digital devices and data is constantly evolving. For this reason we do not always have insight into cookies that are being placed on a website. Any statements pertaining to the storage and use of cookies may change without prior warning. This particularly applies to cases where a webpage contains so-called embedded elements such as texts, documents, pictures or short films that may be stored by another party again. Should you come across any such cookies on this website that you are unfamiliar with or may have concern with how information contained is stored or used please let us know or consult your ISP.