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Primary Production

Thursday, Feb 16, 2023

power-pack units for irrigators...

Farm. Forest. Harvest. Energy inputs and energy costs can be considerable for primary producers. Improving the energy efficiency of our farmers can help lower production costs and maintain the environmental credentials essential for access to new and expanding global export markets. For Power Generation, High Tech Pumping and Frost Protection. For Slurry Injectors, Mixer Feeders and Harvesters. Volvo Penta. A powerful Partnership.

Primary production irrigation is essentially the process of watering crops with water delivered through a man made supply network. This network can include pipes, sprinklers, canals, sprays and pumps. From Drip Irrigation Systems, Sprinkler Irrigation, Furrow and Terraced Irrigation to Centre Pivot and Hose Reel Irrigation, Volvo Penta power-pack units are helping Australian primary producers decrease farm energy inputs and improve water usage efficiency.

Case Study:

Volvo Penta is at the forefront industrial engine reliability and longevity. With service intervals of up to 1,000 hours, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) can be minimised by strict adherence to the corresponding Volvo Penta service protocol, use of genuine parts, oil filters and fuel filters and use of an approved Volvo Penta Oil Analysis.

Ben Watson is from Allabah Pastoral Company, a large farm that produces cotton and raises livestock. “We rely heavily on Volvo Penta to harvest water when it’s available,” he said. “With Volvo Penta on board, it’s just been awesome. It’s really changed the reliability and fuel efficiency too.”

David Phelps at Havana Farming also depends on diesel power to guarantee water is pumped to his vast plantation fields. The extended service intervals of Volvo Penta engines mean Havana Farming is cost efficient and always dependable.

“Volvo Penta is where we went 20-25 years ago. They’ve been very reliable motors, and now that we’re in an upgrading situation, we are just sticking with Volvo; I don’t see any reason to change. They were ahead of their time 20 years ago, as the new ones are now; they’re at the forefront too. Like any business, you’ve got to keep it humming, otherwise things can go backwards pretty quick,” he said. 

To read the full story on how Volvo Penta engines are helping Australian primary producers and irrigators lower costs and improve on-farm efficiency please navigate to and search News or follow the  website link below.

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Information contained within the article and rights of use remain the property of Volvo Penta, the Volvo Group, and Image copyright Volvo Penta & Pump Industry Magazine Issue 29. No matter where in the world your journey takes you, no matter where your operation is – Volvo Penta is never far away. 

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