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Power & Propulsion Trends

Sunday, Nov 12, 2023

electric is the only long-term option...

Alternative fuels for ships in the offshore wind industry have their place in the short-term, however many marine experts consider electric as the only long-term option. A number of options are available to help decarbonise vessels in the offshore wind industry, but in the long-term, electric power is by far the best option, said speakers at Riviera Maritime Media’s Offshore Energy Week webinar on power and propulsion trends for offshore wind vessels. This is in turn is helping encourage developers and asset owners to favour purpose built vessels like the MHO Asgard crew transfer vessel which is powered by an integrated hybrid solution from Volvo Penta and  Danfoss Editron Marine & Offshore.

“In the long-term, electric is the option for every application. We know about electric drives trains, but we need to focus more on how to generate electric power and how to store it on board. And if we agree that batteries are going to be a big part of the solution, we need to know whether we are going to have larger, rechargeable batteries, or whether those batteries are going to be replaceable.” says MHO-Co group chief executive Mik Henriksen. To learn more about alternative fuels for ships in the offshore wind industry please navigate to and search MHO Asgard or follow the website link below.

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