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Forest Harvesting

Sunday, Sep 29, 2019

Volvo Penta D8 comfortably handles intense logging schedule.

Eco Log’s newest generation of 550, 560, 580 and 590 harvesters, with a Volvo Penta D8 engine as its heart, can comfortably fell, delimb, cut to length and cope with an intense logging schedule. Ranging in engine power from 218 horsepower to 320 horsepower Volvo Penta engines are characterized by their high performance, reliability, fuel efficiency, and low emission levels, Volvo Penta diesel engines are built to be versatile. The engines are developed to satisfy forestry application with their low weight, compact designs, and easy installation, making them perfect to power the new Eco Log harvester generation. Swedish forestry company Nitta Rundvirke are delighted to have the 580E at their disposal. For highly-skilled lumberjack Frans Spetz, for reliability, uptime and total economic, social and environmental sustainability, the choice is Volvo Penta!  Witness Volvo Penta Mighty Machines in action with YouTube > Volvo Penta - Mighty Jobs - D8 Forest Harvest Success.

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Your local Volvo Penta marine commercial dealer will be happy to help you determine the correct part number and make sure you get the parts or accessories you’re looking for. Your dealer can also provide you with recommendations and expert advice regarding maintenance and care for your Volvo Penta product. 

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Being part of the Volvo Group means that we benefit from one of the most efficient parts distribution networks in the industry – Global Volvo Logistics. Whenever you need Genuine parts, they are now Just a Click away. Find and buy all your spares with our Online Parts Store - now with PayPal, credit card & free freight options. Adelaide to Perth, Darwin, Brisbane , Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart. Find & Buy Volvo Penta spare parts online and have them delivered direct to you. 

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Volvo Penta engines are the perfect combination of versatility and strength. With Volvo Penta engines, you have access to the full power output the second you start up the machine. For emergency and stand-by operations, usually intended as a backup in hospitals, nuclear plants or airports the rigorously tried and tested Volvo Penta engines are characterized by their ability to immediately start and instantly deliver sufficient and unmatched load acceptance.

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