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The Volvo Penta Boat Trim System (BTS), with its patented interceptor technology, gives the boat driver perfect control over pitch and heel with rapid response, quicker onto the plane, lower fuel consumption and a more comfortable ride. Thanks to the interceptor technology the Volvo Penta Boat Trim System provides a smoother ride. Recommended for speeds up to 45 knots, it has all the same performance qualities as conventional trim tabs plus the additional benefits of quicker response, less drag and compact design. Comfort and safety are further enhanced with the Volvo Penta Automatic Boat Trim option, which automatically keeps the preset preferred boat attitude. It compensates for changes in speed, wind or people moving about on board.The Volvo Penta Boat Trim System (BTS) is available in two versions. The larger BTS 450 Interceptor units are 450 mm long. The smaller BTS 300 Interceptor units are 300 mm long.

The Volvo Penta interceptor consists of a small retractable composite blade that is mounted on the trailing edge of the boat's transom. As the blade is lowered it generates an upward pressure on the hull, raising the stern and pushing the bow down. Many factors affect the choice of the right sized interceptors, and these sizing recommendations are based on average performance. Your choice may vary based on power, engine configuration, weight distribution, type of boat and use. The largest interceptors that will comfortably fit on the transom will be the most efficient. For semi-planing hulls, it may be necessary to increase the length of the interceptor configuration. We offer Online Ordering with Interactive Helpdesk Support. Please contact us if in doubt which size Trimming Raft Kit or Trim TAB is best for your boat. We are not Amazon. We are not Ebay. We are Don Morton Marine.

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Trim Tab for Boats

Boat Trim & Spare Parts for Volvo Penta engines, drives and transmissions

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Improved fuel efficiency.

Quickly onto the plane and a smoother ride.

Greater lift and less drag compared to conventional trim tabs.

Intuitive, user-friendly control panel with (optional) Automatic functionality.


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