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Don Morton Marine: Adelaide, South Australia. We are an authorised Cummins Onan Generator Dealer. Today’s electricity markets look very different compared to the markets of just a few decades ago. We are living in an era of choice and high demand when it comes to power generation and Cummins Onan are at the forefront of this power generation revolution.

Every major component of a Cummins Onan marine generator set, including the engine, alternator and control system, is either designed and manufactured or integrated by Cummins. This means all elements of the generator set are engineered to operate with complete system harmony for optimal performance and maximum efficiency. And the best part is knowing your generator is backed by support and service from the world’s largest distributor/dealer network in the industry and a comprehensive global warranty. That’s why people trust Cummins power. Cummins provides dependable generator solutions for military, recreational lesiure and charter and commercial boats, dredging barges, offshore installations and yachts. 

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