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Volvo Penta - Active Corrosion Protection

Thursday, Mar 21, 2019

An alternative to the traditional approach.

Don Morton Marine: Adelaide, South Australia. Volvo Penta has taken yet another vital step towards easier boat ownership with Active Corrosion Protection (ACP). The system was designed to protect the boat owner’s drive from corrosion in the water and is already available for the safeguarding of Volvo Penta IPS pods. Active Corrosion Protection is now available for all Volvo Penta Sterndrives with the Electronic Vessel Control (EVC) platform. This includes most diesel engines and  gasoline sterndrive models.

The marine industry has traditionally combated corrosion with the installation of sacrificial or martyr anodes – blocks made of metal such as magnesium, aluminum or zinc, which, when attached to the hull or drive assist to prevent essential components from corroding. Volvo Penta Active Corrosion Protection (ACP) presents a more effective and reliable option compared to using conventional corrosion protection with sacrificial anodes. By applying impressed currents through a transom unit, the system protects the drive from galvanic corrosion – continually measuring and automatically adjusting the electrical output for ideal protection in both brackish and salt water. It replaces the need for sacrificial anodes on the drive, giving the boat owner the knowledge that their drive is protected. Want to know more. Need assistance. Enquire Now.

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