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Hi-tech Mining with Volvo Penta

Wednesday, Apr 15, 2020

Building our future and improving our quality of life

Powered by Volvo Penta. You might not see them every day, but all around the world, they are in constant motion, working hard, building our future and improving our quality of life. Volvo Penta industrial power solutions are helping to make the lives of those working in demanding environments easier. In  this series of Volvo Penta Mighty Jobs, the crew goes to Tampere, Finland to visit Sandvik, where Canadian presenter Lacey Rose gets hands-on experience of the machines like the Sandvik TH551I underground dump truck, powered by one of the biggest engines produced by Volvo Penta - the Volvo Penta D16. The D16 delivers around 700 horsepower and a massive 3200 Nm of torque, delivering uptime and total economic, social and environmental sustainability to the Sandvik mine site. Witness Volvo Penta Mighty Machines in action with YouTube > Volvo Penta - Mighty Jobs - Hi Technology Mining.  

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Volvo Penta engines are the perfect combination of versatility and strength. With Volvo Penta engines, you have access to the full power output the second you start up the machine. For emergency and stand-by operations, usually intended as a backup in hospitals, nuclear plants or airports the rigorously tried and tested Volvo Penta engines are characterized by their ability to immediately start and instantly deliver sufficient and unmatched load acceptance.

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