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Don Morton Marine: Adelaide, South Australia. On Land and At Sea. Volvo Penta is a global leader in diesel and petrol propulsion solutions, power systems, service and support to the marine leisure market. This includes Propulsion solutions, Volvo Penta IPS, Inboard, Aquamatic Sterndrive, Diesel & Gasoline Engines, Forward Drive and Volvo Penta Assisted Docking — the next generation of marine automation.  

Volvo Penta Assisted Docking

Volvo Penta Assisted Docking: Volvo Penta Assisted Docking allows you to compensate for some external factors like wind and current, and allows you to maneuver in tight spaces enabling safer and easy of boat docking when facing the challenges of crowded marinas. Assisted Docking is a new boat docking system that compensates for some external elemental forces and allows you to navigate tight areas with higher precision.

Assisted Docking is fully integrated from helm to prop. Combining automation with control, Assisted Docking is the latest of a series of marine automations by Volvo Penta. Volvo Penta Assisted Docking helps to keep the course intended by the captain, who must always be at the helm and in control of the boat. Take control with Volvo Penta Assisted Docking — the next generation of marine automation. For further questions, please contact Volvo Penta or your local Volvo Penta Dealer.

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Why Volvo Penta: By choosing Volvo Penta you will be able to take advantage of proven technology and benefits in areas such as uptime, economy, flexibility and emission engineering. Benefits that will make the difference, making sure you spend more time on the water. With Volvo Penta, you have one single contact for everything: engines, drives, propellers, instruments, accessories, service and warranties. For reliability, uptime and total economic, social and environmental sustainability - the choice is Volvo Penta ! 

Inboard Motors: A typical inboard engine can be positioned in various locations on a boat. The power from the engine to the propeller is transferred through a shaft. Inboard motors typically have more horsepower and better fuel efficiency than an outboard motor. With a low center of gravity inboard motors are a popular choice for commercial fishing and charter boat operators that work in heavy seas. Inboard motors can also help create a smaller wake behind the boat making them ideal for surface water sports such as water-skiing, water tubing or wakeboarding.

Volvo Penta IPS: Volvo Penta IPS delivers an unmatched boating experience for yacht applications. Each IPS installation is a complete and perfectly matched propulsion package that delivers not only optimum power and maneuverability but also greater onboard comfort in all conditions. When it comes to fuel economy, the benefits of Volvo Penta IPS are obvious – an impressive 30% possible reduction in fuel consumption when cruising compared to inboard shafts. That translates into longer range by over 40% and of course a huge drop in exhaust emissions. 

Aquamatic Sterndrive: The Aquamatic Sterndrive is all about boating pleasure. With its optimal combination of performance, driving pleasure and comfort in 20–45 foot boats, it delivers a hard-to-match experience – no matter if you’re looking for excitement or leisure cruising. Thanks to the engine’s placement, you can enjoy the benefits of a clean transom – allowing for benefits such as a swimming platform or unhindered watersports behind the boat.

Inboard Shaft: The broad range of reliable Volvo Penta diesel inboard engines excel in performance and drivability, making them a truly excellent choice for yachts. The inboard installations can be extended with unique features and functions that will make your life at sea – and at the dock – even more enjoyable. By integrating your yacht's engines and electronics through the Electronic Vessel Control system, you’ll be able to experience intuitive Joystick Driving, easy Joystick Docking or the intelligent Autopilot, everything easily monitored through the Volvo Penta Glass Cockpit System. With a wide range of options, accessories and services, Volvo Penta completes a comprehensive offer to your life at sea. 

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Stay at home and shop online. The smarter Amazon and EBay shopping alternative for boat builders, boat dealers, nautical supply stores and boat owners in Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Hobart. As an authorised Volvo Penta dealer, we offer several options for the purchase of genuine Volvo Penta parts. Our Online Shop for Volvo Penta parts accepts major credit cards and PayPal. Find and buy all your Volvo Penta marine spares. No account required.

Dealer Locator >
Your local Volvo Penta marine leisure dealer will be happy to help you determine the correct part number and make sure you get the parts or accessories you’re looking for. Your dealer can also provide you with recommendations and expert advice regarding maintenance and care for your Volvo Penta product.

Marine Commercial >
Volvo Penta provides power solutions and propulsion systems for professional commercial customers all over the world. We offer you tailor-made support throughout the product lifecycle – from the design stage to full time operation. All from one global company with a strong local presence.

Oil Analysis > 
With Volvo Penta marine leisure oil analysis you get a comprehensive health check of the engine’s and transmission’s condition. The test result will indicate the presence of any potentially harmful substances, allowing you to plan maintenance or other measures, before major failure occurs.

Parts Catalog EPC >
With Volvo Penta marine leisure online parts catalog, you can search for parts for your specific engine or drive, presented in detail and with exploded views. You can generate your own personal list of required parts so that they can be easily ordered from your Volvo Penta dealer.

Warranty Facts >
Genuine Volvo Penta marine leisure Parts and Accessories are covered by the Volvo Penta standard warranty. Have them supplied and installed by an authorized Volvo Penta dealer and your warranty could be doubled – including the labor. Ask your closest Volvo Penta marine leisure Dealer for full details.

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