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Don Morton Marine: Adelaide, South Australia. When choosing to buy a marine engine, you’ve probably noticed three different types of engines: outboard, inboard and inboard/outboard (I/O). Although you may have preset ideas about one or the other, before you make a decision you should consider many factors.These include Performance, Fuel Efficiency, Functionality, Steering Systems & Tilt, Environmental Controls, Maintenance and Lifetime Costs. 

Outboard MotorsOutboard motors are found on a wide variety of motor boats and watercraft, including recreational leisure and and fishing boats. They are reliable and easy to service or replace. They are also simple to store during the off-season which many motor boat owners and operators find appealing as it allows the engine to be completely out of the water when not in use. 

Evinrude: The Evinrude E-TEC G2 is a revolutionary concept in outboards, with combustion so clean burning that its reportable emissions are lower than any other engine in its class. Not just clean, but lean too. With 15% better fuel efficiency than its closest competitor, you go further on a tank of fuel. With the Evinrude Difference you get an outboard that performs, and looks like no other outboard on the planet. 

At Don Morton Marine, we can help you choose the right outboard motor for your watercraft - with options that include Evinrude E-TEC G2, Evinrude E-TEC Jet, Evinrude HO, Evinrude Inline, Evinrude Pontoon and Evinrude PortableNeed assistance with your outboard motor selection? Our knowledgeable staff look forward to being able to assist you with your enquiries. Enquire Now.

Inboard Motors: Inboard motors typically have more horsepower and better fuel efficiency than an outboard motor. With a low center of gravity inboard motors are a popular choice for commercial fishing and charter boat operators that work in heavy seas. Inboard motors can also help create a smaller wake behind the boat making them ideal for surface water sports. With Volvo Penta Tow Mode water sports, such as water-skiing, water tubing or wakeboarding, are both safer and more fun. 

Volvo Penta:  Volvo Penta is a world-leading supplier of inboard motors for marine applications. One way to improve your boat’s overall performance is to replace its engine. A new engine can give you a cleaner, faster, quieter and more comfortable boating experience. Before trading in your boat, consider Repowering with Volvo Penta - the smart way to improve your boat’s overall performance.

Volvo Penta offers a 12-month standard warranty on all Genuine Volvo Penta Parts and Accessories. With the Volvo Penta fitted-parts warranty, you may be eligible to double your warranty covered for up to 24 months. Not only is the part potentially covered under this extended warranty but also the labour involved in fitting the part. Need assistance with your inboard motor selection? Our knowledgeable staff look forward to being able to assist you with your enquiries. Enquire Now.

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