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Don Morton Marine: Adelaide, South Australia. On Land and At Sea. Volvo Penta is a global leader in diesel and petrol propulsion solutions, power systems, service and support to the marine commercial and leisure markets. This includes Propulsion solutions, Volvo Penta IPS, Inboard, Aquamatic Sterndrive, Diesel & Gasoline engines and Forward Drive.

Why Volvo Penta: By choosing Volvo Penta you advantage from proven technology and in areas such as uptime, economy, flexibility and emission engineering. With Volvo Penta, you have one single contact for everything: engines, drives, propellers, instruments, accessories, service and warranties. For reliability, uptime and total economic, social and environmental sustainability - the choice is Volvo Penta ! 

Volvo Penta Marine Commercial

Diesel Sterndrive: The Aquamatic sterndrive is a comprehensive solution for operators seeking an optimal combination of high speed, acceleration, fuel efficiency and comfort in boats spanning 20 to 45 feet. It’s a perfectly matched package – from controls to engine, drive and propellers – available with a wide range of fuel-efficient and reliable diesel engines. Built to handle the torque and power of the engines, it delivers outstanding efficiency at all speeds, with safe driving and maneuvering even in rough sea conditions. In addition to this, you'll get even more benefits, including: Low fuel consumption, Low CO2 Emissions, Low Noise and Vibrations and Joystick.

Inboard Diesel: The responsive Volvo Penta inboard diesel engines excel in drivability. Their unique marine torque and rapid acceleration, combined with class-leading power-to-weight ratio make Volvo diesel inboards a superior choice for a wide variety of demanding applications. The unique marine torque of the Volvo Penta diesel inboards stands out among the competition by offering increased load-carrying capability, rapid acceleration and the ability to maintain a high cruising speed, regardless of load or sea state. Among the many beneficial features you'll find: High Performance, Fuel Effciency, High Reliability and One Company Simplicity. 

Marine Gensets: Volvo Penta’s complete range of marine gensets offers reliable and fuel efficient electrical power generation for emergency gensets, onboard power and diesel electric propulsion. For marine genset power that will not quit, Volvo Penta offers high efficiency engines that offer exceptional reliability for maximum uptime. The benefits of choosing a Volvo Penta engine are many: High Reliability. High Load Acceptance, Increased Uptime, Fully Classified, Easy Installation, High Fuel Efficiency, Low Cost of Ownership, Designed, Assembled and Tested Inhouse. 

Genuine Parts: The many benefits of using genuine Volvo Penta parts include: Exact tolerance and right specifications of the engine, Optimum performance, reliability and service life, Updated with the latest technical changes, Perfect fit for quicker service and reliability, Maintained optimal fuel-efficiency, Volvo Penta standard warranty and Volvo Penta fitted warranty if you buy from and have your genuine parts fitted by an authorized Volvo Penta dealer. Find & Buy Volvo Penta marine spares wqith our simplified no account required Online Parts Store 

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Dealer Locator >
Your local Volvo Penta marine commercial dealer will be happy to help you determine the correct part number and make sure you get the parts or accessories you’re looking for. Your dealer can also provide you with recommendations and expert advice regarding maintenance and care for your Volvo Penta product.

Marine Leisure >
Volvo Penta is a global leader in diesel and petrol propulsion solutions, power systems, service and support to the marine leisure market. This includes Propulsion solutions, Volvo Penta IPS, Inboard, Aquamatic Sterndrive, Diesel & Gasoline engines and Forward Drive. We offer you tailor-made support throughout the product lifecycle – from the design stage to full time operation. All from one global company with a strong local presence.

Oil Analysis > 
With Volvo Penta marine comercial oil analysis you get a comprehensive health check of the engine’s and transmission’s condition. The test result will indicate the presence of any potentially harmful substances, allowing you to plan maintenance or other measures, before major failure occurs.

Parts Catalog EPC >
With Volvo Penta marine leisure online parts catalog, you can search for parts for your specific engine or drive, presented in detail and with exploded views. You can generate your own personal list of required parts so that they can be easily ordered from your Volvo Penta dealer.

Warranty Facts >
With a Volvo Penta warranty, you can have confidence in your marine engine and the peace of mind that comes from our world-class support and dealer network. The added option of an extended coverage allows you to tailor your protection to be as robust as the engine itself. For most engine configurations in marine commercial use, the limited warranty covers 12 months or a set number of operating hours, all depending on the type of product and application use. To explore the exact terms and what applies to your specific engine please contact your nearest Volvo Penta Dealer.

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