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Volvo Penta TAD840-843VE is part of the Volvo Penta D8 off-road diesel engine range. Built on a proven and straight-forward design and over 100 years Volvo Group technology, Volvo Penta TAD840-843VE delivers high power and torque at low engine speed, is high sulphur-in-fuel tolerant with a wide range of options to help lower the total cost of ownership. No matter if you employ a forest harvester or line haul dozer ou can experience the latest in Volvo Penta with Volvo Penta Industrial Off Road Engines.For additional information, please contact your local Authorised Volvo Penta Dealer or visit

Volvo Penta TAD840-843VE

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High sulphur in-fuel tolerance

Built on Volvo Group technology

Wide range of optional equipment

Low cost of ownership and operation

Exhaust reduction system without EGR

High power and torque already at low engine speed

For the many Agricultural applications requiring continuous uptime, for the Quarry operations where fuel efficiency helps lower the total cost of ownership, for the demanding environments and specific needs of Forestry harvesters or the truly demanding conditions of an underground Mining site, heavy industry across the globe depends on Volvo Penta heavy diesel off road engines.

Volvo Penta industrial engines are the result of more than a century of industry experience. Developed using the shared innovations and technological solutions of the entire Volvo Group, they provide complete power solutions for just about any industrial application. Characterized by impressive power and fuel economy, the Volvo Penta industrial engine range comprises a wide number of engines specifically constructed to meet the needs of different global emission legislations.

No matter the engine model or size, all Volvo Penta industrial engines are part of the same engine family, built using the same engine platform. This engine commonality translates into a number of benefits such as easier maintenance, operator and maintenance crew familiarity with engine interfaces and range architecture as well as one single source for spare parts. All put together, it provides a simpler and more efficient experience.

Continuous uptime is vital to achieve productivity. This is why our industrial engine range has been specifically designed to deliver consistently on power and performance, continuously over time, with extended service intervals and minimal disruption. Regardless if you’re an OEM or an operator, we support projects all the way throughout the lifetime of the machines – from design, via installation to aftermarket services. Volvo Penta - Partnership Power you can depend on. For additional Volvo Penta Industrial Off Road Engine information, please contact your local Authorised Volvo Penta Dealer or visit